There is no second chance to make a first impression

What actually makes the first impression is the look and feel of the surface. After that we experience the actual function – and react to it. But only if we like what we see or feel!

Some surface solutions are unique and truly innovative. Others open exciting options for improvements and developments.

Therefore Abatek offers full design freedom with a wide range of materials and possible solutions to enhance what is indeed so crucial - the surface.

From hard to soft, from matt to glossy, from transparent to colored, from closed to open ….  practically anything is possible.

Differentiate your product.
Explore the design freedom which Abatek offers for the following materials:

01. Silicone
02. Polyform
03. Softplast
04. Foil / Membranes
05. Plastic
06. IML
07. PantaGlass
08. Metal
09. Rubber and Thermoplastic Rubber






A fantastic material with amazing possibilities.

A fantastic material with amazing possibilities in terms of shapes and coloring.
Silicone offers the best cost-performance ratio of all surface materials.

Abatek provides the full range of shapes, coloring, printing, gloss level, lasering etc.

The world’s best protective coating called "Sealplast" developed by Abatek ensures that the silicone surface will endure.









The most intelligent smart surface.

The most intelligent among the smart surfaces. No other surface material offers the same design freedom as Polyform.
Impress your customers with various choices of colors, shapes and even different structures jointless next to each other. Only Polyform allows this!

For example Polyform enables a convex and high gloss surface with black panel function.
Also tactile feel next to capacitive brushed surface structures is possible. 
In addition of being robust the Polyform also offers a self-healing surface.

Polyform enables it all!









A flexible and highly customizable surface.

Softplast is a unique Abatek product with a hard and closed surface which still is flexible.
This cost-efficient solution is the perfect alternative to small plastic keys.








Foil / Membranes

A thin A-surface with high resistance.

Frequently used for appliances in the consumer and medical sector.
Proven foil technology that is colored and printed to specification with great abrasion resistance. Tactile feel or capacitive function or even both are possible.

For even greater appearance and multi-surface solutions we recommend Polyform.









The leader for hard surfaces.

A commonly used material for bezels, frames or keys.
Choose from PC, ABS, PC/ABS etc and decide if parts will be printed, sprayed, lasered, coated and then assembled or co-molded.









The hard and high endurance A-surface.

IML enables great design and complex artwork for hard surface solutions which will last forever.
It is also ideal to replace colored hard plastic caps for applications which are intensively used in a rough environment.









A proprietary technology developed by Abatek.

The new solution for flexible display covers and also for 3D shaped objects, user control interfaces, lenses and much more.

Please visit for more in depth information.








High-end feel and “cold touch” with metal surface.

Surface: from glossy over matt to brushed and sealed with protective coating are available. Enjoy the design freedom through printing, lasering or stamping.
For additional functions like sealing, lighting or electrical contact metal caps can be assembled in combination with silicone keypads.







Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomere

Add design to function.

Choose from a various selection of raw material and possibilities to add tempting look to the surface.
One of our core competence is to select the suitable secondary process for the surface in question.