Abatek solutions to ensure the safe tactile connection at best price.


01. Silicone keypads ensures electrical contact with a clear and defined tactile feeling. Combined with Abatek's worldwide leading Sealplast coating by Abatek to protects the keyboard from abrasion. This technology can be combined with light guide foil / film or plastic caps.
      - Starting from the keyboard for a desk phone up to a cell phone

02. Softplast is a flexible and highly customizable surface that is harder than silicone but softer than plastic. This results in a sensational tactile touch
      feeling – soft but still stable like plastic.
     - Starting from the control unit from the main station up to the handset

03. Polyform is the revolutionary HMI solution with a self-healing, easy to clean and closed 3D surface opens great design possibilities plus options.
      This brings control units to a superior level.
     - Starting from the control unit from the main station up to the handset

04. Capacitive solutions can be assembled or co-molded to the A surface in order to establish selective capacitive function or to bridge an air gap.
     - Starting from the keyboard from the main station to the handset or cell phone

05. The durable high temperature resistant Connector bridges PCB to various LCD and other applications.
     - Applicable for any display or capacitive assembly

06. Pantaglass ssubstitutes todays standards and opens new horizons. The display cover for capacitive touch and force sensing applications with a self healing,
      transparent and easy to clean surface.
     - Starting from a display to a control unit

07. The Light Guide film and foil is the perfect solution for a back light technology with less LEDS. It even allows for punctual light effects like a logo on an
      otherwise even surface.
     - Starting from your backlight keypad up to the display

08. Placeable with existing machinery the Damper-Spacer opens new exciting approaches at low cost. It combines the function of a space and anti-vibration
      cushion plus optional as connector of your capacitive solution to bridge the airgap.
     - Applicable for any PCB application

09. The RubberLine offers a wide range of custom molded components from the best suitable elastomer.
      - Starting from a gasket up to a housing protection