1. Light guide films and sheets
2. Light solutions with Silicone Keypads
3. SoftLogo
4. Lighting solution for assembly
5. Light filter and lens

Light up your product.
Lighting is becoming increasingly important for successful branding of products. These applications require general back and/or functional lighting.

Abatek has an innovative portfolio of technologies designed to support and develop the shape of both attractive and functional lighting solutions.

Be inspired by some examples below and discuss new ideas or improvements with your nearest Abatek partner.

Light guide films and sheets

Light guide films and sheets.

Bring out the light appearance for areas or segments whilst reducing the number of LEDs.
A Light Guide Film (LGF) or Sheet (LGS) optimizes use of energy and the overall cost.

Each LGF or LGS not only reduces the number of LED's usualy needed but also spreads the light more efficiently where desired.

In conclution: Fewer LED's means less energy consumption and less heat.







Light solutions with Silicone Keypads

Add value to the Silicone Keypad.

Illumination technology, light guiding and light shielding is an important topic within the world of HMI.

Abatek offers high quality equipment for precisely laser etched graphics on silicon parts.
As a result out of this technology defined areas can easily be back lighted.








Flexible and robust logo.

Strengthen the effect of your logo and build in an illuminated non-shattering 3D emblem.

Discover new design freedom for 3D objects with a self-healing and closed surface.

  • Any shape and hardness
  • Any structure and look i.e. leather, wood, carbon and more
  • Self-healing
  • Closed surface – 100% water proof and easy to clean

Distinguish the look by combining various colors and surface structures to emphasize your brand.

  • Unique: High gloss / matt / brushed - also seamless
  • Any color - also combined
  • Night Design & Dead Front







Lighting solutions for assembly

Enhance the Lighting.

Aside from coloring the materials Abatek can assemble light guides with other In-House components like silicone or plastic parts.
This allows the optimization of the product with full design freedom.
Thanks to the automated assembly Abatek can ensure reliable and high quality product during project life time.






Light filters and lenses

Simple SMT technology light filters and lenses.

In order to filter or shift the wavelength of LED's a simple SMT placeable silicone shape can be soldered above of the LED on PCB. In addition the silicone shape can serve as a lens.

The sketches on the right show the concept of SMT placeable silicone lenses and color filters. 
Blue represents the customized silicone.