1. Long Stroke – Silicone Keypad
2. Short Stroke – ClickPad
3. Special solutions


Long stroke solution– Silicone Keypad

Long stroke solution– Silicone Keypad.

A Silicone keypad is designed to provide electrical contact and tactile feedback. The tactile feedback indicates and confirms that an electrical contact has been established.

The haptic or the tactile feel is influenced by three factors:

  • Force
  • Stroke
  • Snap

Abatek controls the above three elements by influencing the membrane geometry. 
The total assembly and actuators have significant impact on the haptic.
To fully control all those elements it is necessary to run an own high precision tool making shop and production.

Huge experience in the keypad industry has over many years resulted in exciting solutions and great customer relationships. Mastering all aspects reflecting the desired force/way specification AND controlling the crucial assembly makes Abatek THE partner of absolute trust.













Short Stroke – ClickPad

THE short stroke solution.

The Abatek short stroke solution “ClickPad” replaces traditional micro switches.

The Abatek ClickPad system is an unique integration of the optimal metal dome into the keypad.

It offers the world’s best solution in terms of force, snap, acoustics, life cycle, preload, lighting, sealing, price etc.

In assembly the ClickPad can achieve a stroke between 0,4 – 2,0 mm and is characterized by a distinctive snap feel at the peak force despite the short stroke.
Additionally it gives you the option to adjust the sound without losing the sharp tactile feel. 








Special short and long stroke solutions

Abatek offers many different options and combinations for various force/way curves.

In addition to the two above mentioned and mostly used stroke solutions, we also offer various other special solutions.

The most common ones are:

  • Double stroke
  • Redundant
  • Early contact
  • Over stroke
  • High force/Snap/Life cycle

This is just a selection from our program. Contact our technicale sales team in case you can’t find the preferred solution.