Touch Sensors from Abatek open new possibilities for both existing and new capacitive applications.
The Semi-Flex-PET touch sensor is a flexible multilayer foil with conductive tracks.
It is mountable with adhesive tape and offers a variety of additional options.
The Flex-TPU touch sensor can be co-molded into an 3D A-surface. This allows a completely new design freedom for capacitive applications.

Make your capacitive application even more robust and cost efficient.

To bridge an air gap in the system see “Capacitive Solutions”

Semi-Flex-PET – Capacitive Touch Sensor

The robust and cost efficent solution.

A common solution for capacitive sensor is the Semi-Flex PET Touch Sensor. The multi-layer sensor foil can be bendable to a certain degree and offer a variety of possibilities like integrated LED, slider, different sensor shapes, backlight or diffuser and more. They are custom made and are also very reliable due to their robust design.








Flex-TPU – Capacitive Touch Sensor

The flexible and bendable 3D solution

An extremly flexible capacitive touch sensor that can be added to any 3D shaped surface. It opens new design posibilities for capacitive touch solutions. In combination with the Polyform Technology by Abatek the sensor foil can also be directly integrated into the surface.