Innovative and customized solutions by Abatek for Brown Goods



01. Silicone Keypads with long stroke solutions. Combined with our worldwide leading coating Sealplast for any control unit. This technology can be
      combined with light guide foil or film offering individualization of the surface AND backlight options.
     - Starting from a remote control from a TV two the power button of the audio system

02. Polyform is the innovative HMI solution with a self-healing and closed 3D surface which opens great design possibilities plus options.
      This brings control units to a superior level.
     - Starting from a display for an entertaiment system to a control unit for the speakers
03. Softplast A flexible and highly customizable surface that is harder than silicone but softer than plastic. This results in a sensational tactile touch feeling
      soft but still stable like plastic.
     - Starting from a remote control for the TV to the control unit of the audio system

04. SMT Silicone Key is the machine placeable and Pd-free reflow soldering of a customized long stroke silicone key.
     - Starting from a remote control for a entertainment system two the power button of the game controler

05. In Mold Decoration or Labeling (IMD / IML) is a combination of a closed surface and a high abrasion resistance. It offers great printing design freedom
      plus the function of a short stroke keypad.
     - Starting from a control unit of a audio system to a control unit of a game station

06. The robust and closed Slider without capacitive or FSR sensor surface. This technology substitutes complex electronical components and thus is
      highly cost efficient.
     - Starting from a remote control of a TV to a control unit of an entertainment system

07. Placeable with existing machinery the Damper-Spacer opens new exciting approaches at low cost. It combines the function of a space and anti-vibration
      cushion plus optional as connector of your capacitive solution to bridge the airgap.
     - Starting from the PCB in your loaud speaker up the PCB in a audio system

08. Full range of standard Plastics including double shot production.
     - Starting from a cap of a a volume controller to a housing of a remote control

09. Thermal Pad helps protecting the processors from overheating.
     - Starting from a processor in the microwave to a batttery pack of a remote control

10. The durable high temperature resistant Connector bridges PCB to various LCD and other applications.
     - Starting from a display from an entertainment system to the game control unit

11. The LIGHT GUIDE film and foil is the perfect solution for an amazing back light technology with less LEDS. It even allows for punctual light effects like a
      logo on an otherwise even surface.
     - Starting from a logo on your loud speaker to a back lighting of a remote control