1. Tool Design & Construction
2. Production
3. Secondary Surface Processing
4. Roboter assisted Assembly


Tool design & tool making

Tool making – a key competence which goes hand in hand with material compounding.

The fully self-owned Abatek In-House tool shop not only enables fast turnaround time and defined quality. More importantly it ensures seamless project management.

Skilled Abatek Key Application Engineers are dedicated to provide best technical solutions.

A specialized team ensures high quality customized tool making, fast response time and necessarily maintenance.

Close cooperation with production, raw material experts and customer is the foundation of reliable and stable product performance over life time of the project.

Trust and safety that you can rely on DO make the difference! 








In-House production guarantees best quality.

In-House control along the entire value chain ensures maximum process stability. 
This in combination with state-of-the-art tools and molding machines results in high efficiency and superior quality products.

Abatek has extensive material knowledge and experience regarding proper application. Abatek successfully strives for steady improvement and ongoing training.
This results in fulfilling highest standards and surpassing IATF16949, ISO14001 and ISO 9001 requirements.







Secondary Surface Processing

Surface finishing for high end products.

Adding any kind of artwork, legends or full surface cover using spray, printing and laser techniques is a very cost-effective way of producing. It gives you the highest design flexibility.

The exclusive Abatek coating Sealplast® assures longest possible product lifetime for any decorative silicone part - also for outdoor applications.








Offering In-House services starting from manual processing up to automated solutions.

Assembly lines capable of merging or stacking different components into subgroups are available.

Typical product combinations are made of plastic's, PCB's, metal and elastomer's.

Thanks to the automated assembly Abatek can ensure reliable and high quality product during project life time.