Abatek solutions for Wearable industries are designed to our customers individual wishes.


01. Silicone Keypads combined with our worldwide leading coating Sealplast to protect your device. Sealing function is possible
      also in combination with light guide foil or film.
      - Applicable for any control switch

02. The RubberLine offers a wide range of rubber materials and products like a watch strap, battery seals or custom components.
      - Starting from a bracelet over a cover up to a complex gasket

03. Polyform is the revolutionary HMI solution with a self-healing and closed surface which brings the device to a superior level.
      - Starting from an illuminated dial up to decorative cover with function

04. Light Guide with various possibilities to efficiently and safely guide light with great effect.
      - Starting from an illuminated dial up to an illuminated bracelet

05. PantaGlass substitutes todays standards for a protection cover and opens new horizons with self-healing 3D shape. Enjoy full design freedom.
      - Applicable for any protection cover