Robust and customized solutions by Abatek for heavy duty industries



1. Clickpads, the short stroke solution with a sharp tactile feeling and optional back lighting.
   - Starting from the steering wheel control unit over the window lifter to the dashboard

2. Silicone Keypads solutions with optional double stroke technology. Combined with our worldwide leading coating Sealplast for any A-Surface application. 
   - Starting from a single button on the joystick up to the button of the Audio System 

3. Polyform Polyform is the revolutionary HMI solution with a self-healing, easy to clean and closed 3D surface which opens great design possibilities.
    This brings control units to a superior level.
   - Starting from a dashboard application to a wireless remote control switch

4. The RubberLine offers a wide range of custom molded components from the best suitable elastomer.
   - Starting from a gasket over a tube to joystick

5. The durable high temperature resistant Connector bridges PCB to various LCD and other applications.
   - Applicable for any display

6. Thermal Pad to protect the processor from overheating. It can combine also the function of a gasket and combine two important specifications in one
   - Starting from any processor to a battery cover / housing

7. Placeable with existing machinery the Damper-Spacer opens new exciting approaches at low cost. It combines the function of a spacer and anti-vibration
    cushion plus optional as connector of a capacitive solution to bridge the airgap.
   - Applicable for any PCB application

8. SMT Silicone Key is the machine placeable and Pd-free reflow soldering of a customized long stroke silicone key.
   - Starting from the remote control up to a button in the joystick

9. Full range standard Plastics including double shot production possible.
   - Starting from a door handle over a housing of a joystick to a cap of a control unit