Abatek solutions for Consumer industries are designed to our customers individual wishes.



01. Silicone Keypads with long stroke solutions. Combined with our worldwide leading coating Sealplast for any control unit. This technology can
      be combined with light guide foil or film.
      - Starting from a control unit on a headset until any control unit on a desk station

02. Clickpad is the short stroke solution with an unique tactile feel. Back lighting is an option.
      - Starting from a remote control to the keyboard

03. Polyform  is the revolutionary HMI solution with a self-healing and closed surface which take control units to a superior level.
      - Starting from a display for a desk station to a game controller

04. SMT Silicone Key his the machine placeable and Pd-free reflow soldering of a customized long stroke silicone key.
      - Starting from the remote control up to a power button

05. The durable high temperature resistant Connector bridges PCB to various LCD and other electronic applications.
      - Applicable for any LCD-PCB connection

06. Thermal Pad to protects the processors from the excessive heat.
      - Applicable for any microprocessor or LED array

07. Damper-Spacer Placeable with existing machinery the Damper-Spacer opens new exciting approaches at low cost. It combines the function of a
      spacer and anti-vibration cushion plus optional as connector of your capacitive solution to bridge the airgap.
      - Applicable for any PCB application

08. Slider The robust and closed Slider will work similar as a touchpad without capacitive or FSR sensor.
      - Starting from the remote control up to a power button.

09. Plastics Full range standard Plastics comprises double shot production. This can be combined with a various choice of secondary processes.
      - Starting from a housing of a headset up to a housing of a base station