Abatek solutions for aviation industries are as individual as our customer’s products.



1. Silicone keypads to ensure electrical contact. Combined with our worldwide leading coating Sealplast for any control unit. This technology can be
    combined with light guide foil or film offering individualization of the surface and backlight options.
    - Starting from a switch for the light control up to a keypad on the onboard communication system

2. The Silicone Cover combined with our worldwide leading easy to clean Sealplast coating for the best protection of an elegant and customized cover.
    - Starting from a remote control switch to the window shade controller

3. Polyform Enjoy full design freedom with its revolutionary self healing and closed surface which take control units to a superior level. The exclusive
    solution not only for the first class traveller.
    - Starting from a keyfoab over a complete dashboard to a decorative trim strip

4. The Light Guide film and foil are the perfect solution to have a unique and homogeneous back light with less LEDS.
    - Starting from a back lighted switch up to a lighted logo in the headrest

5. RubberLine offers a wide range of rubber products for custom molded components from the best suitable elastomer.
    - Starting from a gasket over a tupe until a dumper. Anything is possible

6. The durable high temperature resistant Connector bridges PCB to various LCD and other applications.
    - Applicable for any display

7. Thermal Pad protects the processor from overheating.
    - Starting from any processor up to a battery cover / gasket

8. Pantaglass substitutes todays standards and opens new horizons. The display cover for capacitive touch and force sensing applications with a self healing,
    transparent and easy to clean surface for your safety.
    - Starting from a display to an control unit