Abatek is the global leading manufacturer and developer for silicone rubber keypads, connectors, thermal pads, rubber gaiter, grommets, seals, rubber parts, membrane switches and various other Input Solutions. 

We service automotive, medical, telecom, white goods and various other industries.
Abatek stands for quality, technological advantages, cost efficiency and confidentiality.

Via engineering and constant innovations in combination with local presence - We offer a unique world-class service!


Input Solution

From short to long stroke

Many brands in various industries appreciate and benefit from Abatek Input Solutions. Especially silicone keypads for short- and long stroke applications. In addition there are connector/zebra, membrane switches, sliders and other input solutions available.

Rubber Line

From EPDM to NBR

Abatek's RubberLine offers a wide range of rubber products like thermal pads grommets, seals, gaskets, plungers and custom moulded components. Innovative Abatek specialties are lubricated seals with zero bleeding, conductive seals and thermal seals.


From customized housing to complex plastic parts

Abatek offers a full range of standard plastics comprising double shots (2K). Also secondary processes like printing, coating, spray/laser and metal inserts are available.


From design freedom to self- healing surface

The new Human Machine Interface technology that generates a customized 3D shaped user interface. Discover this closed self-healing surface and enjoy full design freedom.


From electrical components to lighting systems

Abatek offers a cost-efficient solution for multiple assemblies. Ideal for manually or semi-automated assemblies covering the complete product lines as well as for sub-assemblies or drop-in applications.


From powder coated to stamped metal parts

Abatek offers various metal processes like stamping, simple die or compound die or a combination.


Silicone compounds have a long tradition in many industries.

Abatek is THE reliable partner in various industries who help building solutions with leading state of the art technologies and services.

Our wide range of products and materials opens the possibility for you to have the reliable single source partner.


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Abatek fully controls and operates its own In-House tool shop and production.

Constant improvements, innovations and highest quality standards are Abatek's core competences to stay on top of competition.

Global technical knowhow sourcing and exchange is only one of our many strengths.

We offer customized workshops around the world to provide the latest innovations and design possibilities. 


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