Silicone Keypads - The HMI Multitalent

A Silicone Keypad comes to use in almost all HMI applications, where tactile feeling, reliability, design and protection is necessary in a cost effective way.


Since 1985, Abatek is a global leader in Silicone Rubber Keypads. Most Automotive brands benefit from Abatek keypads due to high quality and technological advantages regarding feel and contact safety (SC-contacts).

Many customers take Silicone Keypads to the surface and benefit from a wide range of cost efficient decorative solutions, coatings, and lighting solutions, like night design.

For surfaces Abatek offers best protective coating of silicone - Sealplast.

Abatek has an extensive history of over 2'000 projects. With in-house tool shops and IATF16949 production, we're a perfect partner for your important projects. Local engineering, cost efficiency, quality, confidentiality, and technology all guarantee your success.

Contact your nearest sales office and start benefitting from Abatek's expertise today.



Main Advantages

  • Simple & reliable
  • Flexibility in force/way & design
  • Low cost
  • Water / Heat sealing
  • Different contact concepts
  • Night design option
  • Assembly with caps or housing offered
  • From design to tooling to production from Abatek                     

Key Tech Data

  • Stroke 0.5 mm - 3.0 mm
  • Hardness 40 - 70 Shore
  • Contact resist  <1 - <200 Ohm
  • Actuating force 0.1 N -5.0 N